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Become a Mavin in Munich

A Mavin is somebody that loves to share their experience with others.

Create unique city tours with us and start earning yourself a passive income!

Your benefits as our Mavin

Piece of pie

Earn with every tour sold 

Creating a magnificent tour is work, we know! That’s why you earn money with us – you are paid with every sold tour!

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Increase your exposure

We link all your public channels on every tour you create. This includes Instagram, blog pages or simply your email address. Reach a new target audience with us!

Piece of pie

Become a part of the team

Sharing your knowledge can be incredibly rewarding. All of us love the idea and hope to get to know you soon!

Your characteristics as our Mavin!
You love sharing your experiences in a blog
You already have experience with expressing your ideas in social networks in an appealing manner
Tour guide
You enjoy showing around guests and want to present your content on a new plattform
You really know your niche and want to share that knowledge with others
Free spirit
You just simply know your neighborhood inside and out and fancy the idea of creating a tour
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Get in Touch!

The first step is to simply write us. No obligations at all. Let’s just chat!
We’d love to get to know you, so just tell us who you are in the mail. You can mention any online channels (instagram, youtube, blog or similiar) you have, which will help us get a picture about who you are. Also, explain the tour idea you have.
You already have a media kit that presents your work? Even better! Just attach it.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Just send a mail to

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After we have gotten to know each other the work starts! This is where you can shine with your knowledge and expertise. There should be no bounds for your creativity. You feel like your tour idea does not really fit our portfolio? No worries. Diversity is what we are all about! We love original ideas but are always there if you have any questions.

So what makes a good tour?
A tour should have a walking time of 45 to 90 minutes. It’s not about getting there as fast as possible, but meandering around beautiful paths and telling a story. There’s no need to simply combine to spots with the shortes line possible, if there’s an alluring alternative. 
There should be at least 5 to 7 spots during the tour but more are usually more well liked by our users.
Lastly, good photos for each spot in addition to a script that will be used for the audio guide are what make a good tour to an excellent tour.

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Now its time to really make your tour shine! 
We will bring the tour into the app and collaborate on the layout and design to fit your vision. 
Then, you can sit back for a while while we take care of the audio guide recording. 
As soon as everything is ready, we publish your tour in our app and make it publicly available for whoever wants to buy it. 

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We give you a direct share of the profit. The more popular your tour is, the more you also earn.
The ratings and comments our users leave can help improve the tour further and keep it up-to-date so it does not loose its popularity. 


This may very well be the most fun part!
You can simply lean back and enjoy earning with every tour sold.